Engagement Opportunities Aligned With Your Organization

Leading companies have been focusing their community engagement programs to be more strategic and more impactful. That’s because these days giving back is understood to be more than just a benevolent act. Investing in your community can generate positive returns for your company’s bottom line.

Engagement practices which align community and organizational goals can leverage returns that go well beyond good press and a more motivated workforce. Fostering a healthy community elevates the competitive context for the organization by improving the talent pool, building capacity and ensuring a long-term license to operate.

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (AFBFA) offers cooperative engagement opportunities to participate in programs which educate the American public about modern agriculture and food production. For many years, the AFBFA has been a dependable partner with organizations and businesses in the service of advancing community agricultural literacy.

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We Are Agriculture

Companies seeking an innovative strategy to match their strengths with the needs of their community can look to AFBFA to find alignment and reach their goals. Our mission is to advance public knowledge of agriculture. Simply put, we believe that everyone should know where their food comes from, and to serve this goal we develop ag learning programs and materials. Our work is guided by our commitment to the Pillars of Ag Literacy, an educational framework that we apply globally.

How we Support Agriculture

Growing agricultural literacy

Connecting STEM to agriculture

Promoting public understanding

Dispelling misconceptions

Inspiring agricultural careers

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A Cornerstone of the Community

A business can effectively and affordably scale up social engagement by collaborating with an organization that is deeply rooted in the community. The Foundation is uniquely positioned in this regard. Since 1967, we have operated as a nonprofit – engaging in schools, through community activities, and on farms across America. Over the last ten years we’ve focused exclusively on education, sowing seeds in curriculum development and growing alliances with teachers, volunteers and other non-profits. Our core audience of Farm Bureau members and leaders is vast and we’re blessed with their support. Recently, our social media channels have experienced robust growth, enabling our members to be more engaged than ever before. By tapping these various networks our organization now has the capacity to mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers to engage in ag literacy efforts.

Connecting Through AFBFA

Agricutural businesses and organizations can connect with a large community of Farm Bureau leaders, members and partners.

For the Long Term

It is a long held tradition for agricultural families to honor the values passed down from previous generations. Perhaps the most durable of these values is respect for the land and the committment to protect it for the future. Ethical behavior in the service of long-term interests is a bedrock trait. Similarly, smart businesses understand the need to put purpose first and to do so in a manner that will reap strategic gains over time. The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is very much a future-facing organization. We think big and we think long term. We work to lay a strong foundation through programmatic platforms like My American Farm and Feeding Minds Press. Our charter is to educate the American public, and to achieve this goal we are taking the long-view by focusing on educators and young learners.

Measurable Outcomes

In today’s data-driven business environment it is expected that community engagement programs will meet the same reporting requirements as other undertakings in the enterprise. Sponsorship is not only a cost-effective way to enable a company to leverage the infrastructure of a non-profit, it also comes with the added benefit that most non-profits come equipped to measure and report results. The AFBFA has a well documented record of highly effective programs with measurable impact. You can see the results in our quarterly and annual report. Our digital initiatives are wired to advanced analytics tools and our in-the-field efforts are documented with photos and videos.

Quarterly and Annual Reports

“ John Deere is very proud to support the Foundation’s efforts to educate youth on how the agriculture industry really works ”

— Steve Geick
Director of Agriculture Industry Relations
John Deere

Recent Initiatives

Please enjoy the following examples of innovative, large-scale and educationally-sound programs from recent ag literacy efforts:

My American Farm

Free online games for grades PreK-5 designed to teach children math, reading, science and social studies skills in the context of agriculture.

Total Reach: 250 Million

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On the Farm STEM

An in-the-field beef learning experience designed for those who train or coach STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers.

Potential Reach of Attendees: 3 Million

learn more

John Deere Teacher Resource Grants

Sponsored distribution of 300 educational resource kits including one copy of the Foundation’s 2018 Book of the Year “John Deere, That’s Who!”

Teachers Applied: 5,284

Feeding Minds Press

Our just-launched publishing arm who’s goal is to produce accurate and engaging books about agriculture.

First Publication in January 2019

learn more

The Purple Plow Challenge

A free STEM education platform that engages students to create solutions for real-world, complex issues related to agriculture.

2018 Reach: 877,925

Discover the Powerful Peanut

A collection of 12, easy to implement 3rd-5th grade activities that explore peanuts and peanut production.

Approx. 500 downloads a year

Benefits of Working Together

Professional Content

  • Work with AFBFA to support the creation of high-quality, accurate information.
  • Projects are reliably delivered by education professionals and world class designers.

Distribution and Promotion

  • AFBFA’s extensive marketing platform supports the promotion and distribution of educational resources.
  • AFBFA presents at yearly conferences including AFBF Annual Convention, NSTA, Ag in the Classroom, and the National Children’s Museum Conference.

Connect with Industry Leaders and Advance Strategic Goals

  • Help drive acceptance of critical technologies.
  • Ensure community goodwill and license to operate.
  • Educate rising talent about your industry and career opportunities.
  • Network with other leaders in the agriculture and food industry.

Extended Engagement Opportunities

  • Supporting grassroots engagement efforts.
  • Supporting leadership development activities.

Opportunities to Engage

Mission-based Support

  • General support of AFBFA’s efforts to promote ag literacy.
  • Support funds the effort to mobilize volunteers, the development and revision of resources, and the promotion of programs and resources.
  • Level of support corresponds to visibility on website and at AFBFA events.

Program-specific Support

  • Support for a specific program or project that aligns with AFBFA’s priorities.
  • Visibility for sponsor comes through the program or project funded.

Custom Resource and Program Development

  • Engage AFBFA’s team to help develop programs and/or resources for your organization that can be leveraged by AFBFA-engaged volunteers.


  • Invest in a combination of mission-based, program support and/or customized resource development.

Suggested Collaborations

Revise an Ag Mag and promote distribution

Develop a new game for the My American Farm platform

Become a title sponsor for the On the Farm STEM experience for educators

Become a title sponsor for a major new project, or fund a new national study

Levels for Engagement

Yellow Ribbon

$10k year

White Ribbon

$25k year

Red Ribbon

$50k year

Blue Ribbon

$100k year


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