Have Questions about Agriculture?


What: Submit your kids’/students’ questions about food and farming and we will have a REAL farmer or rancher make a video reply.

Example: What Do Cows Eat?  Watch a real farmer answer this question here. 

How: Submit your questions below and we will try to answer one a week!

When: Starting in September

Where: We will post the video answer on our Facebook page for you to view.


Inspiring student questions: 

If you just ask a student – what are you curious about your food or farming? They might say “nothing” or “I don’t know” because this is a very broad question.

Try to be more specific like – “What do you wonder about farm animals?” “What do you notice about your breakfast/lunch/snack?” “What kinds of foods do you like to eat, do you ever wonder about where they came from?” “Can you imagine how your favorite food grows? What makes you curious?”

Submit your questions below! You can list out multiple questions in one form. 

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