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Feeding Minds Press is a project of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The mission of the Foundation is to build awareness and understanding of agriculture through education. The goal of Feeding Minds Press is to publish accurate and engaging books about agriculture that connect readers to where their food comes from and to who grows it.


What kind of books?

  • Relevant: Books feature topics that are relevant to agriculture and society.

  • Accurate: Books strive to offer completely accurate information about agriculture with a priority on modern agricultural practices.

  • Non-Stereotypical: Books do not convey stereotypical depictions of rural life.

  • Safe: Feeding Minds Press books portray no unsafe situations in pictures, graphics or text.



Books are important tools to help children understands parts of the world they don't interact with every day. Accurate ag books can help kids learn that their food doesn't just "come from the store." Introducing children to where their food comes from will help them better understand their world. It will also help them make healtheir food related decisions as they move through life. 


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